The new TrawlCamera’s Awaited Launch Is Now Certain

Initial tests have already begun and you can see some field test footage in our Video Gallery section on our site. We were truly amazed by the quality of the images supplied by the test unit. We are now at the final stages of setting up the product release date and confirm sales.

The hydrodynamic sturdy shell and hi-tech durable equipment is what we’ve managed to put together and accomplish successfully the TrawlCam2010 product. The dimensions of our latest and most advanced trawl camera are – length 45.5 cm (17.9 inches), 37.4 cm (14.72 inches) wide and its height 17 cm (6.7 inches). Inside the casing there is a high definition camera capable of recording up to 8 hours of footage, strong lighting equipment to provide a true “day for night” experience and a durable battery to keep the underwater equipment running in the harshest conditions.

More updates and release date are to follow, so please check up on our progress by clicking on news and galleries or submit your inquiries via our contact page.

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